An Exclusive Review of 24 Slot Online

Review of 24 Slot Online

Yes indeed it is, a slot based on the popular action TV series starring the incredible and daring Jack Bauer. 24 slot is based on this series and in so doing its theme features many an aspect comparable with the show. From the hourly intervals and dependence on clockwork, to the Jack Bauer action sequences and theme music. Developed by iSoftware Games this slot has got quality graphics and evidently a strong theme portrayal, their games are definitely of a high calibre.

Though this slot only features 10 fixed pay lines and a set of 5 reels, there is still a selection of betting options to be made. Although this may be set too low for the highest rollers. The bonus features incorporated into the slot are not overwhelming but still boast some nice winning possibilities. These include the likes of Wild symbols, a scatter win and also a rather compelling and action laden bonus game based on the series in question. So overall it seems to be another iSoftware Games good showing.

Looking at the Theme and Layout

Basing on a TV show, movie or book is always a double edged sword. The reasons for this is that while doing such a thing arms the developers with plenty of thematically blessed ammunition, it also opens them up to comparison and falling short thereof. Fortunately this is not iSoftware’s first rodeo and they’ve been creating themed slot games for quite a while now, so this 24 slot does a fair job of matching up to the series. Now of course no slot could entertain and excite like the great Kiefer Sutherland does in the show, but this combination of reel symbols and layout, sound effects and rotating backdrop does pay proper homage to the series.

Online Casino 24 Slot Symbols

With sound effects reflecting action sequences and phrases from the series, as well as a backdrop that intermittently switches to another cool Jack Bauer pose there is plenty of setup for the reels. The slot also has a digital appearance, as well as most of the symbols, similar to the clock sequences in the series and the CTU competed servers. Add this to symbols like Jack himself, his gun, and his badge and suddenly atmosphere feels complete. As found in many real online pokies, there’s a collection of playing card symbols on the reels, thematically attuned of course, and making up for the lower valued symbols so the ones directly relating to the series will always excite the players with the bigger wins.

Jack Bauer’s 24 Slot Bonus Features

The first of these is a promising Wild symbol that not only transforms into other symbols to help trigger wins, but also turns other surrounding symbols Wild and grant a respin. The symbol is the 24 slot logo and only appears on the 3 middle reels. There is also a Scatter symbol, however this only rewards coin prizes and doesn’t trigger anything more.

The way of triggering the slots game feature is by running down the very 24 themed clock in the corner of the screen. This is done simply by playing, and upon reaching zero transport players to a first person shooter like game where they must shoot bad guys as Jack Bauer. Coins are awarded for kills and completing a colour combination of kills awards a 10 000 coin jackpot.