Review of Casino de Madrid

For anyone planning a trip to Europe, Spain is certainly a country that must be visited. The country offers a diverse mix of culture, culinary delights, entertainment and natural beauty. Whether you are going for the paella, the magnificent beaches of Barcelona or the cultural history of Madrid, the country is teeming with touring opportunities and cultural adventures. Madrid is a city known for its outstanding museums and rich cultural history. In addition to the famous Prada museum, the city houses a vast selection of national monuments and heritage sites. One of the more unique heritage sites is the Casino de Madrid. This famous building dates back to 1836 and is a popular tourist destination for its world class La Terraza del Casino rooftop restaurant.

A Place of Harmony and Peace

Despite its name, the Casino de Madrid is not a gambling institution. The building is actually one of the oldest and most established gentleman’s clubs in Madrid. The origins of the club date back to 1836 when a group of intellectual romantics decided to seek out a quiet place to meet away from the chaotic world of politics. They sought a place of peace and harmony and in doing so moved towards creating the club that it is today. The club itself officially dates back to 1910 and is home to a wealth of architecture and classic paintings. Public access to the club is strictly forbidden except when the club hosts a cultural event or press gathering.

Sculptures and Paintings

In 1993, the Casino de Madrid was declared “Bien de Interés Cultural” which meant that it became a national heritage site. Inside the building there is an impressive collection of sculptures and paintings. Some of the paintings are so important, they have been deemed national treasures. The building consist of 5 floors with a rooftop restaurant. On the lower floor the club houses two dance halls namely the Valdavia and Duque de Osuna. There is also a gymnasium and large swimming pool in the building.

Dance Halls, and the Library

On the ground floor of the Casino de Madrid is the Salón Glorieta, the billiards room, the Salón Príncipe and the Patio Central. The main floor of the building houses the Planta Principal, Salón Real, Salón Puerta del Sol and the Salón Alcalá. The Conde de Malladas Floor of the building houses the impressive library which is a treasure in itself. The rooftop terrace houses the salón Cenador, Restaurant La Terraza and Restaurant La Terraza Exterior.

La Terraza Restaurant

For members of the public, the Casino de Madrid offers a wold class rooftop restaurant. The Restaurant La Terraza is known as one of the best restaurants in the city and attracts visitors from all over the county. Officially opened in 1988, the restaurant offers a unique fine dining experience with beautiful views of the Madrid skyline. Directed by Paco Roncero, the famous restaurant offers a unique selection of tapas as well as a tasting menu where visitors can try a small amount of the best dishes on offer. The restaurant also offers a full a la carte menu as well as snacks, cocktails and a selection of fine wines which are perfect for real money blackjack.