75 Ball Bingo Explained Online for Players

In 2005, there were more than 1,000 Bingo halls in the UK; by 2014 the figure was below 400. One reason for the decline is the many other forms of online gaming now available to punters.

Another reason is that online and mobile sites offer fast, easy-to-play Bingo, with the same low stakes and variety of prize values. There are different versions to choose from: traditional 90 Ball Bingo is still well supported, but many are trying out 75 Ball Bingo as an alternative.

Better Odds on 75 Ball Bingo

If every Bingo card contains 24 or 25 numbers, probability dictates that it takes less time to complete a winning pattern drawing from a pool of 75 numbers than it will using a pool of 90. This may be why 75 Ball Bingo is the most popular form of the game in North America, and growing in leaps and bounds in the rest of the world.

The calculation of prizes for different Bingos in different games remains the same: it is based on the total communal pool paid in by all the players betting. However, the restricted number pool in 75 Ball Bingo means that these prizes are generally won more quickly, so players get through more games per session.

Since the best strategy in Bingo is to play cheap, fast and often, it fits 75 Ball Bingo perfectly.

How Online Bingo Works

Bingo is a game of random luck: players buy cards containing a 5X5 grid of different numbers, and winning numbers are drawn from a pool of balls. In 75 Ball Bingo online, this function is performed by RNG. Each game has one or two designated winning patterns, which change for each game.

As the winning numbers are called, players must daub them on the card. The first one to complete a qualifying pattern wins a Bingo and collects the relevant prize. If there are still patterns that haven’t come up, the game continues until all the Bingos have been won.

The major advantage of mobile and online versions of 75 Ball Bingo is how much easier they are. Players can buy one card or several for each game, or even play at different sites simultaneously. There are auto-daub settings, and automatic Bingo alerts, so after placing their bets, players have no decisions to make until they win or the game ends.

Play for Fun, Not Profit

Bingo is fun if you bet recreationally; the thrill is in the endorphins released by the risk of gambling, win or lose. Any Bingos you win are just a bonus; a windfall, but hardly life changing. So only play Bingo with money you can afford to lose.

The more 75 Ball Bingo cards you play at once, however, the better your chance of beating your opponents at each game and scooping up their money. How many cards you buy depends on how much you have got to play with. Divide your bankroll by 20 and make the result your stake on every game. Buy as many cards per game as that stake will cover.