An Extensive Guide to Enjoying Deuces Wild Multihand Video Poker

Deuces Wild Multihand from developers Net Entertainment is a Video Poker title that gives players a shot at some substantial wins by allowing them to play 25 or more hands on each game. Any cards held are held across all the hands in play, although each hand receives different replacement cards on the draw, so each hand ends up different. Winning combinations on all the hands in play are paid out according to the Deuces Wild Multihand Pay Table, and can be as much as 4,000 coins for a natural Royal Flush. Because a natural combination occurs on the deal, with no cards drawn, it is obviously duplicated on all the hands in play.

Wild Deuces Make for More Wins

The tradition of wild cards is a long and happy one among American Poker players, and as the name implies, in Deuces Wild Multihand it is the Deuces that act as jokers, able to substitute for any other card and thus create special hands like five of a kind.

To make life simpler for the player, any Deuces that come up on the original deal are held automatically. If the player has a five-card winning combination on the deal, all five cards are held automatically too, because the player scores that winning combination across all the hands in play. However, in both cases, the player is entitled to remove the hold, discard those cards and try to draw better ones. This is a really unwise move, because guaranteed wins are one of the attractions of Video Poker in the first place. In some states of the USA, gamblers can play poker on internet like NZ bettors making wagers online here.

How Video Poker Beats the Table Game

As many unfortunate gamblers in the USA and elsewhere have found, table Poker can be a fickle benefactor. A player can draw cards to turn a good hand into a strong hand, then bet and bluff accordingly to create a substantial pot, and in the end see it all go to another player with an even stronger hand. Video Poker, and Deuces Wild Multihand, removes that risk completely.

The player is competing only against the dealer, and only has to place a set bet for a set payout, as indicated on the Pay Table at online casino that is visible throughout the game. A win is a win, and cannot be taken away by another player with a better hand. So if a guaranteed win involving all five cards occurs, duplicated across all the hands in play, it makes sense to take the win immediately, without drawing any more cards.

Use the Gamble Feature Wisely

Like a lot of NetEnt digital games, Deuces Wild Multihand has a Gamble feature. After any win, the player can choose to risk the prize for the chance of doubling it. This involves a choice of red or black, and can be repeated a few times to keep doubling the win. An incorrect guess wipes out the win completely, however. So it makes sense to use the Gamble option if the total value of the win is less than the amount the player bet on all hands; doubling a smaller win can turn it into a profit overall, rather than a loss. If the win exceeds the total bet, gambling it makes no sense at all. Players who play Deuces Wild Multihand the longest, for the most rewarding prizes, bank the profitable wins whenever they come up.