French Roulette and Bingo at a Glance

French roulette and bingo are two popular casino gambling games that have been played in land-based casinos for many years. Both games have their roots deep in history, with the first variation of bingo being played in Italy in the 16th century and the invention of French roulette following during the 17th century.

While both French roulette and bingo are available for play at most land-based casinos today, players can also access these games online from their personal computers, smartphones and tablets. Online casino games are a versatile way for players to play games like French roulette and bingo while on the go, with only an internet connection and a suitable device needed to play.

The Basics of French Roulette

The concept of the game of French roulette dates as far back as the times of ancient Chinese and Greek empires, when soldiers played similar wheel-based games to entertain themselves between battles. The first true version of French roulette, however, emerged when the French scientist and mathematician Blaise Pascal attempted to create a contraption that could achieve perpetual motion. Although the device did not fulfil this purpose, a few adjustments were made to it, and it soon became the wheel that locals used to play games of French Roulette.

During the 19th century, the French brothers Francois and Louis Blanc again altered the roulette wheel, incorporating the famous green zero slot and creating a house edge in the game. The game of French roulette is played today using the same wheel, on which a small ball is spun to determine winning numbers.

The Origins of Bingo

Bingo, on the other hand, has its roots in 16th century Italy, where a game almost identical to bingo was being played as a public lottery. The Italian game was played in much the same way as today’s bingo, with each player being given a card containing a numbered grid on which they had to match numbers with another set of numbers announced for the game. Later on in the 20th century, Edwin S. Lowe revolutionised a similar game, Beano, after he heard a girl accidentally cry out ‘Bingo!’ when her numbers had been matched. The popularity of bingo soon spread, and has remained steadfast to this day.

French Roulette and Bingo at Online Casinos

Today, both French roulette and bingo games can be played at a wide range of certified internet casinos. Players can choose to play these games for free in order to hone their skills or purely for enjoyment, but real money French roulette and bingo are also available, allowing players favourable winning odds and a secure online environment in which to deposit their cash to play.

Additionally, players at online casinos will in many cases be able to choose to either download their chosen French roulette and bingo games directly onto their computers and smartphones, or to play Flash-based games straight from their internet browsers with no downloads required. Many online French roulette and bingo games also offer variety in the form of diverse themes, colourful graphics and unique bonus features, allowing for greater choice when playing real money and free French roulette and bingo games online.