Online Casino Blackjack Guide for Players

Blackjack is one of the more popular casino card games and is available at practically every online casino. Beginners to the game or even players starting to play blackjack online must be sure they are playing at only the best online casinos in order to be playing in the safest environment.

Players can play blackjack online for free as many of the games are also available in the free play mode. This gives them an opportunity to learn the rules of the game or to test out various software but when it comes to playing for real money, players need to know their money and personal details are safe when playing at the reputed sites.

Getting Started with Blackjack Online

Once a reputable online casino offering a good quality blackjack game is found it will either need to be downloaded or accessed directly in the web browser. This choice is entirely at the player’s discretion. The player then needs to register an account before being able to play for real money.

An advantage to choosing to play blackjack online is the fact that welcome bonuses and ongoing bonuses and promotions are offered. This may boost the bankroll and add value to the game. Claiming the welcome bonus is not compulsory but if it is desired it needs to be claimed generally upon first deposit. When the deposit has been made and possibly enhanced by the bonus the initial bet can be placed to begin game play.

Basic Rules of Blackjack Online

To play online blackjack, players play against the dealer. Just as in land based blackjack, players must reach the value of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without exceeding the value or the hand being a value less than the dealers hand.

There are multiple variations of the game but the basic rules are typically standard with all of them. If playing an alternative variation to the classic version, the rules should be understood as the slight differences may help to achieve positive results.

Blackjack online may be played with one or multiple decks of playing cards. This is dependent on the game and the online casino. You can also visit If multiple hands are played then the bets on each must be equal amounts. All of the numbered playing cards are worth their face value while the face cards are worth ten points and the ace card is either worth one point or eleven points.

How to Play Blackjack Online

In order to begin to play blackjack online, players must have placed their bet. Once the bet is placed two cards are dealt face down to the player and two to the dealer with one being card being face up. The player evaluates their cards and either chooses to stick if the cards are worth 21 or rather close or the player can hit if he or she feels another card will make their hand value closer to 21. The player may hit for new cards until a decision to stick is made, the value of 21 is reached or the value exceeds 21 and the hand goes bust.

If the players hand does not bust the dealer plays his round. The dealer must stick on values above 17 but values below 17 means the dealer must hit.