Overview of Merlins Magic Respins Online Slot

Merlins Magic Respins, created by Next Gen, is a well loved slot game, acclaimed for having an incredible visual and audio presentation. Based around the wizard who famously helped King Arthur in legend, Merlin is perhaps one of the most well known magic users in modern culture. Merlins Magic Respins brings Merlin to life like never before, having a fully animated 3D model of the magic man standing to the left of the reels. See him dance, smile, wave, cast spells, and even help out the player, all presented via exceptionally well animated 3D graphics.

And if this wasn’t enough, the background area behind the game is a recreation of Merlin’s magic living quarters, complete with glowing vials, smoking multi-coloured incense, and even a mysterious monster, hiding in plain view. See how long it takes you to spot him. The visuals are complimented by suitably good, fun loving music, bringing the whole game together to be one of the best slot game experiences currently available today. But this is all window dressing, really, let’s see how the game itself plays before declaring Merlins Magic Respins the best thing since sliced bread.

Game Play Features

In the game play department, like numerous slots at https://onlinemobileslots.net/slots, Merlins Magic Respins uses a 5 reel, 50 betting line system. This itself is great, with 50 being twice as many betting lines as some other slot games and providing almost as many options as a table of online roulette casino game. What will quickly be noticed, however, is that the betting lines of slots for real cash are not adjustable, and always remain open by default. This makes the game far less interactive, and a great deal less strategic, then some might like, especially those who are looking for a more strategic slot game experience. But what does Merlins Magic Respins have instead of adjustable betting lines? Let’s find out.

Notice the sword in the stone to the right of the play area, who many will know is called Excalibur. When clicking or tapping this sword a whole range of special feature options will become available. On the blade of Excalibur are the numbers 1 through 5. These are referred to as the Super Bet system, and what Merlins Magic Respins has instead of adjustable lines. Select a number and bonus features are triggered, which increases the chances of winning special feature bets. Lets explore the Super Bet system in more detail.

Super Bet System

The respin part in Merlins Magic Respins refers to a bonus that occurs when the Merlin symbol occupies an entire row, from top to bottom. Upon this occurring, the bet selected on the Super Bet will be activated. In the case of 1 being selected, 1 automatic respin will occur, plus a small jackpot of fifty coins is given. In the case of 5 being selected, 5 respins will occur and a massive 300 coins will be awarded. Be cautious, however, as each choice also automatically increases the bet for that spin.

In conclusion, Merlins Magic Respins is a beautifully presented game with an interesting Super Bet feature, making it a great choice for both veteran and beginner slot game players. Next Gen hit a home run with this creation.