All Information about Boulia Cup and Much More

The name Boulia refers to both a town and locality in the Shire of Boulia, which is found in Central West Queensland, Australia. The town was first gazetted in 1879, so it has a long history as well as a big heart. Visitors and tourists should find plenty to do, with one of the biggest attractions being the racecourse that hosts the Open Handicap Boulia Cup, with a total purse of 13,000 Australian Dollars, and a few other events over the year.

Events at the Boulia Racecourse

The course is well-maintained, and hosts 2 main occasions each year. The first of these takes place over the Easter weekend, and is co-hosted by Boulia’s Turf Club and Rodeo Association. The festivities, called the Rodeo, Races & Campdraft, kick off with the campdraft and horse gymkhana on Easter Friday. A bull fight under lights is the evening’s entertainment, and then the Saturday begins with Time Events before the Turf Club oversees a full day of racing with entries from Winton, Mount Isa, Cloncurry, Birdsville, Bedourie and other surrounding centres. The 1,400-metre Boulia Cup is the feature event, but there are 5 races in total on the card. These range in length and qualification requirements, so bettors need to be on their toes and can compare different performances in different situations. Rodeo events are continued on Sunday, with the entire weekend featuring live entertainment as well.

The course is also known for the famous Boulia Camel Races, that are held over the third weekend of July each year. Thousands come out to watch these impressive animals compete for the Camel Cup, which is complemented by live entertainments and even fireworks. On the Saturday 8 races are run, and then on the Sunday the final takes place. At 1,500 metres, this is the longest camel race in Australia and is always thrilling for the gathered crowds.

Betting on Camels and Horses

Whether attending and punting on the Boulia Cup of the first event at the racecourse or the second, great entertainment and facilities are available and the basic principles are the same. Before staking any money, the weather and track conditions, past performances of rider and steed, and any other available tips and information should be checked out. On-course bookmakers make it easy to put money down and then rush back to the track to see who the winners are.

Making a Holiday of It

There’s actually a lot more to discover in the outback region of Boulia than the racecourse and the Boulia Cup, and out-of-towners should really take advantage of what’s on offer. Several sports facilities are available for enthusiasts, including a golf course, and the natural beauty of the area will entice most visitors to explore it. Full kitchen facilities and an all-weekend camping pass are usually included in the ticket price for the racecourse events, so getting the most out of a weekend at the track is quite simple. Punters can use this smaller event to practice and polish their skills for larger meets and experience real Australian country races – all in the picturesque surroundings of Boulia!