Review of Lady Godiva Slots Casino Game

Lady Godiva is a digital slots title with a theme a little different from the treasure hunts, natural wonders and mystic myths used in many titles from developers WMS Gaming. Instead, the game draws its inspiration from the 11th-Century legend of a king of Mercia in England who cruelly overtaxed his subjects. His beautiful wife, Godiva, begged him to relent, and he agreed to do so if she would ride naked through the town of Coventry.

She agreed to do so, and out of respect for her noble sacrifice, all the townspeople remained indoors with their shutters closed during her naked ride. All except Peeping Tom, who drilled a hole in his shutters to spy on her, and was struck blind as a punishment. The Lady Godiva slots title weaves these elements into the game’s symbols.

Another Unusual WMS Reels Layout

WMS has become known for many innovative ways to rearrange standard slots reels, and Lady Godiva presents another interesting layout. There are six reels instead of five, each displaying four windows, and the symbols can stack in groups of two or more on the reels during base play. The Godiva symbol, the top scorer in base play, covers three windows in total. Lady Godiva also contains no traditional paylines; instead, it makes use of WMS’ Any Way feature to construct winning combinations. These must start on Reel 1 as usual, but as long as a matching symbol appears anywhere on successive adjacent reels, winning combos are formed. This allows for 4,096 possible winning combinations, from two Godivas or three Poker symbols, all the way up to six Godivas or six Wilds.

Range of Symbols in Base Play

Standard Poker symbols, from 10 to A, form the lowest-value combinations in Lady Godiva. Next up in value is a sealed Letter and Quill, a Tiara, a Rose, a Troubadour’s Mandolin, a white Kitten that is hopefully a pun on Peeping Tom and not something ruder, Peeping Tom himself, and lastly blonde, nude Lady Godiva seen from behind, looking tastefully over her shoulder.

Because Lady Godiva covers three windows when her entire icon is visible on the screen, successive Lady Godivas on adjacent reels can trigger multiple high-value wins all at once.

Faithful Steed is the Scatter

The Scatter symbol is Lady Godiva’s Horse, and three or more in any position on the reels triggers the Bonus Round, with a minimum of 10 free spins and a maximum of 50. Two or more Scatters in any position, in both the base game and bonus games, also win multipliers for the total bet on the spin, which increase with each extra Scatter in the combination.

Wilds Increase in Bonus Rounds

The Lady Godiva Wild is a beautiful Ruby Ring, capable of standing in for all symbols except the Scatter to make up more winning combinations. During the free spins rounds, any of the A, K, Q or J icons can also be encased in a Wild at random, and Wilds can stack to fill all four windows on a reel, leading to even more winning combinations.