Details about Great Western Cup for Punters

Great Western, as a town, hails from east of the Wimmera region of Victoria, Australia. The town is located on the Western Highway, in the Shire of Northern Grampians local government area, 225 kilometres north-west of the state capital, Melbourne.

Great Western, in a general sense is known for the production of quality sparkling wines, and particularly well known is the Seppelt winery, now owned by Treasury Wine Estates. The Seppelt cellars include over 3 kilometres of labyrinthine tunnels, originally constructed by miners searching for gold and are now used to allow the sparkling wine to rest and develop.

The Great Western Cup

The community of Great Western is also home to several renowned events, including the popular horse racing event of the Great Western Cup. As one of the more notable racing events of the nation, the Great Western Cup welcomes many international and local visitors to its picturesque venue.

Australia loves horse racing. Rather they have loved horse racing for centuries. And with the great horse racing events scattered throughout the year it is easy to see why the love for the tracks has persisted and grown. Now with the online sports betting scene in full swing and Australia’s top sports books the best around, the punting scene has flourished and betting has grown from a hobby into a potential passion. Punters have the opportunity to experience world-class racing at Great Western with the Great Western Cup. The running of this popular horse race is very much part of a visit to this region, and enjoying an array of other fun-filled activities that the region has to offer. The race is held on Saturday during the Australia Day weekend and welcomes a huge number of guests from all parts of the world.

The Event Itself

The racecourse itself it fully endowed with excellent facilities for participants, visitors and sports betting. A beautiful landscape with towering pine trees, the Great Western Cup racecourse offers a relaxing venue to enjoy this world-class race.

With the racecourse at Great Western being located in a 170 acre, or 70 hectare, recreation reserve, an additional range of attractions are available above and beyond the stylish and well-attended Seppelt Salinger Great Western Cup. These include powered camping facilities, a cellar door experience or winery tour or even some home-cooked meals with a wide range of authentic wines while visiting the various cellar doors and vineyards in the beautiful township in the Grampians.

A Weekend Opportunity

In Great Western, the running of the Great Western Cup has, thanks to its proximity to Australia day weekend, enabled this event to become a veritable tourist festival. The features of on Race Day include Fashions on the Field, the famous Great Western Boat Regatta, corporate entertainment, bands and bus transport facilities.

Since man first domesticated horses there has been incentive to race them against each other. And as long as there has been racing around, there has been a myriad of betting. Now with the internet and all the gadgets available to surf it, the betting scene has become easier to use as well as more and more lucrative. However, Australia is blessed with great home horse racing events like the Great Western Cup, and sometimes being there is part of the fun of winning.