Tips for Playing and Winning Online Roulette

The game of Roulette has its origins in 1700’s France. However, since its inception, this game of chance is considered one of the most classic casino games available, played avidly by millions of amateurs and professionals on both online and offline standpoints. Online Roulette has become extraordinarily popular in recent years.

Aside from the potential of winning copious amounts of money, another factor which makes Roulette so appealing is that anyone can win. Because the outcome relies on chance, even a beginner can win without knowing too much about the game.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t subtle skills and cues to be learnt for becoming a decent player – here are some of the best tips for playing Roulette online with success.

  1. Play European

Roulette has been diversified into three main categories: American, French, and All three versions are similar with marginally different odds and table set-ups.

For example, the odds of hitting a number playing an American game are 37/1, whereas the European odds are 35/1. From an odds perspective, European Roulette is most likely to result in a win. Even though most big casinos feature multiple versions of Roulette, playing online makes it easier to access the one you want to play.

  1. Have Self-Control

A useful rule of thumb (for both beginners and long-time players) is to set a loss limit for yourself before playing. This ensures that you are not tempted to continue playing after a losing streak, and keeps your own track record more balanced.

  1. Learn Your Odds

Even though Roulette is ruled by chance, developing a fundamental understanding of how the odds work can give you the edge you need to place the smartest bets.

Historically, some bets (such as Even Money Bets or Column Bets) have a higher percentage of wins than others, and learning to identify them can only help you to succeed.

  1. Play for Free

If you are curious about a new strategy or simply lack the confidence to bet real money, take advantage of the fact that there are many free, non-committal gaming options available online.

Playing Roulette online without betting money can be freeing and fun, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the structure of the game without risking any losses. That way, you may start to sharpen and enhance your ability to place smart bets and better prepare yourself for a game involving real money.

  1. Choose Your Platform Wisely

When playing Roulette online, choose your website carefully. There are hundreds, if not thousands of both free and paid online Roulette casinos that will all differ in quality and reliability.

Some platforms even offer live online Roulette played in real-time with real people, while others offer randomised computer-generated games. Either way, when you’re playing with real money, do some research first and make sure the site you are using comes alongside a trustworthy reputation.