Top Five Funniest Online Slot Machine Themes

Slot machines (also known as fruit machines or poker machines) are gaming machines which generate sequences of random icons that will lead to winning money if you get three or five of the same icons in one row.

This highly popular gambling game is renowned for its commonly fruit and number-themed icons, but over the years, slot machines have been developed with an immense variety of themes, icons and colours that range from the hilarious to the surreal – take a look at this crazy list to see for yourself!

  1. Bible Slots

Because the Bible and Christian faith in general have historically taken up issues with gambling, it is difficult to comprehend why this theme exists. Icons include various biblical characters as well as several holy numbers and letters.

Nonetheless, Bible Slots has accrued a decent crowd of users and can even be found alongside sub-themes such as End Days, Adam and Eve, and Noah’s Ark.

  1. Leprechaun Goes to Hell

This bizarre theme centres around a seductive she-devil called Evilena who wants a leprechaun to come with her down to hell. Outrageous and intriguing at the same time, it’s no wonder this theme is one of the favourites at Play N’ Go online gambling platform.

None of the magical wonder of Irish folklore here, just pentagrams, poisons, skulls and bones – with the potential to landing a covetous pot-of-gold if you can get five-in-a-row!

  1. The Codfather

If you’re imagining a live cod dressed up as a 1950’s mobster with a fat cigar in its mouth, you’d be right on track with what this online slot machine game is all about.

Set appropriately underwater, The Codfather is a parody theme of award-winning novel and film, the Godfather, which follows various fish swimming around in American-Italian style mobster outfits and hunting for bounty. Icons include dying seahorses, numbers, empty coffins and hooked worms.

  1. 40 Shades of Santa

Ever wondered what would happen if you put Santa, 50 Shades of Grey, and a slot machine together? Me neither, but somebody did, and this bewildering mash up was born.

40 Shades of Santa features the jolly old man and his wife donning a variety of sexy lingerie interspersed with images of handcuffs, fishnets and red lips. Irish bookmaker and theme creator Paddy Power had a vision, and he ran with it – but why?!

  1. Dictator

Dictator slots is exactly what it sounds like: instead of looking at diamonds, sevens, or strawberries when you play a round, you get to look into the faces of famous political dictators from all over the world – whether you like it or not. Dictator style!

The majority of the world would probably argue that dictators are not included on their list of people they would like to look at on a regular basis, but this slot machine theme seems to think differently. Enjoy making eye-contact with the likes of Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, and Fidel Castro with every spin on this theme.